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Boson IR

(Infrared Camera)

Long Wavelength Infrared (LWIR) Thermal Imaging Camera

320×256 resolution, 50 degrees horizontal angle

Temperature range from -40°C to +150°C

Camera vertical

250° control

Gimbal Motion Range Up/Down

-140° ~ +110°

camera vertical control.png

32 min Flight Time

3 batteries (included) X 32 minutes (each) flight is possible, so long-term missions can be performed


Autonomous Flights

Use of satellite navigation coordinates (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO) for autonomous flights

Parrot ANAFI USA_34.png

Zoom 32x

(Optical + Digital)

CMOS 1/2.4-inch sensor and EO (electro optical) 4K HDR telephoto camera 32x stabilization zoom and secret security mission

Screen touch coordinate setting

Direct onscreen reading of scene coordinates. Compatible with Pix4Dcapture and Pix4Dreact for fast 2D offline modeling

Parrot ANAFI USA_Camera.png
Parrot ANAFI USA_closed.png

USB-C charging

Charging capability anywhere via Type C port (supports use of various USB chargers)



High-grade waterproof/dustproof protection against dust and liquids directly sprayed up to 60° vertical



Drone Use in Military & Defense

Key Features

  • Long distance reconnaissance at up to 5km

  • Undetectable at 130m

  • Fast take off and landing, Compact & Light

  • Secured & Encrypted Data

  • Trusted & Used by the U.S. Department of Defense

Its powerful 32x zoom and integrated FLIR Boson thermal camera make it a trusted drone for Scouting & Intelligence, Combat Support & Mobility Support missions during the day or at night - even under extreme conditions with its IP53 rating. The zoom enables military troops to conduct long distance reconnaissance at up to 5km (3.1 miles) and to detect human targets at up to 2km (1.2 miles).

Deployable for non-stop flight missions of up to 32 minutes, and undetectable at 130m (0.08 miles), ANAFI USA is one of the most discreet and high-performance micro-drones on the market, ensuring total discretion during sensitive or close dangerous operations. Weighting 500g (1.1lbs), its compact and foldable design make it an easy tool to integrate in a soldier’s tactical equipment pack but also a quick one to hand launch or hand recover from a vehicle in motion. ANAFI USA can also be used for highly confidential missions with its secured WPA2 wireless link and powerful SD card AES-512 encryption.

Manufactured in the United States, ANAFI USA is trusted by the U.S. Department of Defense and selected by the DIU’s Blue sUAS program as a proven and safe platform for military, government and federal agencies’ use. It is available on the 2020 US GSA Schedule (GSA – an online procurement platform for US government.

ANAFI USA is compliant with international drone and Direct Remote Identification (DRI) regulations.

Drone Use in
Search & Rescue

  • Undetectable at up to 130m

  • Detects moving people from up to 2 km in daylight & up to 150m at night

  • Post-mission data analysis & scene mapping

  • Compact & quick to deploy in less than 55seconds

  • Data secured for confidential missions

Key Features

During a recovery or search & rescue mission, ANAFI USA is a powerful tool to help respond quickly, operate efficiently, and gather critical and advanced situational knowledge to inform responder strategy and operations. Among the most important features of ANAFI USA, is one that is mercifully missing - geofencing.

In the public safety world, coordinating permissions, launch certifications and manufacturer access to launch in restricted areas all represents critical time lost. As an IP53 qualified drone, ANAFI USA is suitable to fly in rainy and windy conditions. From the case to the sky in less than 55 seconds, ANAFI USA allows search & rescue teams the flexibility to launch responsibly and quickly when and where there is a need.

Serving as a powerful eye in the sky for operation leaders and those in the field, ANAFI USA’s 32x zoom allows operators to see the entire visual scene clearly from up to 5 km (3.1 miles) away. The thermal images from the FLIR camera, blended with the zoom image, in addition to the exact GPS coordinates of the drone and point of interest, help responders locate a person with precise detail to guide rescuers directly to the target.

ANAFI USA is compatible with the industry-leading mapping software Pix4Dreact to allow first responders in devastated areas without internet to quickly create offline precise 2D maps.

Use of Drones for Building Inspection
& Inspection Purposes

Key Features

  • Accesses with powerful tilt and zoom

  • Accesses difficult areas
    Detects containment and infiltration issues

  • Ensures worker safety

  • Small size, high durability and robustness

  • Post-mission data analysis and mapping

Regular and accurate building inspections are essential to detect common or serious building damage such as concrete defects, spalling, loose exterior walls, leaks in pipes or cement walls, and structural cracks inside exterior walls.

With a 4K camera and 90° upward tilt capability, ANAFI USA is the ideal instrument for building inspectors, engineers, surveyors or construction technicians, especially while inspecting hard-to-reach buildings in detail and effectively, such as under bridges.

Structural health and site perception assessments with ANAFI USA can be optimized and enriched with images captured by the superior quality FLIR Boson thermal imaging cameras, which help to make key decisions regarding the extent and causes of damage to buildings. . Images taken with ANAFI USA help you evaluate scope, budget, and work schedule, ultimately optimizing maintenance or construction plans and required material quantities.

ANAFI USA increases efficiency, safety and minimizes worker exposure to the numerous hazards found on construction sites every day. ANAFI USA's 32x zoom allows you to keep a safe distance from the building without missing important data.

ANAFI USA's compact and collapsible design, combined with unparalleled maneuverability and 32-minute flight durability, allows it to seamlessly perform any mission in rain or dusty conditions thanks to its IP53 certification.

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